Face sitting during the sorority hazing

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This brunette honey is one of the older chicks in the sorority and she knows how sorority hazing looks like because she’s been through that and she has done a lot of nasty things. This time, she is going to be the one who is going to make all the younger chicks cum hard and do whatever she tells them to do. First of all, they are going to sit on their cute faces and make them lick their nasty pussies on the floor, until they all cum hard. That is not an easy task!

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Sorority hazing outside on a sunny day

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Is there anything better slutty college lesbian babes can do on a sunny summer day than lick each others’ nasty cunts as a part of the sorority hazing?! If you ask them, the answer will be no and that is why they are going to give their best to please each other and use those hurricane tongues the best way they can. These two blonde babes have just met each other and already they are muff diving and sucking each others’ nasty pink jelly beans like it is nothing, and other chicks are watching.

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Sorority hazing with hot college babes

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When these babes want to enter the elite group of hot ladies, they have to show their dildo sucking skills first. That is the usual procedure and that is called sorority hazing. Not only that they have to handle a large sex toy but at the same time they have to cum as soon as possible and beat all the other babes in the room. Some of these babes are going to make it, some will not, and that is the beauty of the whole process of picking the new hot chicks!

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Sorority girls forced to suck a huge cock

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There is nothing these babes want more than to become one of the sorority girls and that is why they have to show how badly they want it. All they need to do is suck this guy’s hard dick while kneeling on the floor. That is one part of the sorority hazing, and they like it. The babe who makes him cum fast and hard is going to become a new member of the sorority. Is there anything better than watching sexy babes suck during the sorority hazing. We think there isn’t.

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Six naked college girls in outside sorority hazing

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If you are wondering what these beautiful babes are doing outside naked during the night, here is a simple answer. It is all part of the sorority hazing, which means that they are more than ready to show their hard nipples, bald cunnies and tight little teen asses. The one who has the hottest curves is going to become one of them, and that is the dream all these babes have… After some teasing and sorority hazing, the only black babe from the group was selected to be the new member of the most popular girls.

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